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Prove the ownership of your assets without disclosing your identity.
Don't show it, ring it.

Our Core Solution

Alice's Ring is our centerpiece, a TypeScript library enabling the generation and verification of any form of proof thanks to ring signatures, a form of zkPzero-knowledge proof.
Around this algorithm, we are building a set of tools to aggregate data to produce tangible proofs. From that, numerous modules will emerge to cover all possible use cases.
Alice's Ring ensures that your on-chain identity remains protected, keeping private your valuable assets, transaction history, and on-chain identity.

Alice's Ring logo

" Don't trust, Verify "

How Alice's Ring works

Your address is combined with a group of addresses holding the asset (coin, token, NFT). This creates a privacy-preserving proof of ownership, without revealing which specific address is yours. The proof can be verified against public on-chain data only. Your identity remains protected through all the process. We enable you to prove ownership while keeping your personal details confidential.

Privacy Enhancement

Cypher Lab is a trailblazing company at the forefront of the Web3 ecosystem, dedicated to delivering cutting-edge privacy solutions to users, blockchain ecosystems, and businesses alike.


Our solution enables the generation and utilization of proofs regardless of the blockchain or ecosystem you are using.

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Ring Signatures

trust ring signatures

Ring signatures allow you to prove ownership of an asset without revealing your identity. Your signature is combined with a group of possible signers, forming a 'ring'. Verifiers can check the signature is valid, but they cannot determine who the actual signer is. It's like signing a document with a ring full of stones - the verifier knows the signature came from one stone in the ring, but not specifically which one. This 'anonymity set' protects privacy while still enabling proofs. Ring signatures provide a clever way to prove you have an asset, without publicly disclosing  your address specifically. The math ensures validity without compromising anonymity.

Verification and Generation time
+1 000
Address in anonimity set


Our platform's chain-agnostic design offers versatility across blockchains. By building on elliptic curve cryptography rather than specific virtual machines, we achieve interoperability. The core digital signature scheme allows seamless integration regardless of the underlying consensus mechanism. Whether proof-of-work or proof-of-stake, our solutions support multiple blockchains with privacy protections intact. The chain-agnostic approach provides future-proof flexibility to adapt as the landscape evolves. The technology remains anchored on foundational cryptographic primitives enabling broad blockchain integration.

Alice's Ring is chain-agnostic

Only trust the network

Keep your credentials safe

Our ring-signature proofs minimize trust requirements. They rely solely on public on-chain data, not private parameters. There is no trusted setup ceremony or privileged prover role. Anyone can act as prover or verifier. Validity stems from cryptographic correctness, not entity reputation. With no need for trusted third parties or opaque mathematical assumptions, we boost reliability and auditability. By anchoring proofs on public knowledge rather than private trusted parameters, we remove subjective trust factors from the equation. Our solutions offer provable security based on time-tested cryptography.

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trust ring signatures

Through the Alice's Ring protocol, we implemented various ring signature algorithms in TypeScript. These implementations are designed to be technology and chain-agnostic, making this stack usable in both on-chain and off-chain applications. Since we directly interact with private keys, we had the SAG code audited in March 2024 to ensure its security and correctness.
The libraries are open-source, and you can find them on our GitHub or npm organization. Our goal at Cypher Lab is to empower you to explore new privacy solutions within the blockchain ecosystem using robust and innovative cryptographic primitives.

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